Amazon Copywriting Career

5 services which are great that you are able to offer

You are either a brand new, or maybe a recognized Amazon copywriter. Just how many solutions will you offer? Several copywriters provide a single service, like writing Web sales sites. In case you offer extra services however, you are going to increase the income of yours.

I have been writing copy for great over 30 years. Several of the customers of mine are with me for fifteen years. I keep the clients of mine for years, because I am always searching for brand new ways I will help the businesses of theirs.

So I encourage you to extend the services you provide. You won’t just help the clients of yours, but the Amazon copywriting business of yours is going to be more lucrative too.


Let’s discuss some extra services you are able to offer.

1. Amazon Sales Copy, as well as Web Print

Most copywriters provide straight copy: writing revenue material, including marketing as well as press releases. A few new copywriters are focusing purely on the internet. Nevertheless, I encourage you to provide print services also. New business tell me that it is tough to find writers that are good for print material.

2. Copy Booster: Rewrite Weak Amazon Copy

Most copy is written in house, due to the present economic climate. It means that the copy has issues. Why don’t you develop a program for rewriting inadequate copy?

A rewriting service is more affordable for the customers of yours. You will additionally have the ability to pitch a lot of new customers since there is very much weak copy available.

Search for businesses you are able to help today.

3. Audio Visual Copy

Every company has to make presentations. What this means is that they require copy. You are able to create it. Beyond presentations, they require Other video scripts and youtube.

Look at radio copy also. A great deal of radio text is created by DJs. They hate it. You are able to approach radio stations and provide the services of yours. You will get gigs, since you are helping the staff of theirs.

4. Speech writing

I’ve a buddy that focuses on writing wedding party speeches. This’s all she does. Amazingly, she makes a really great living, simply writing speeches for parties. She really loves weddings, and she has made them the specialty of her.

She’s contacts at caterers, bridal boutiques, florists, and photography studios, who all send the internet business of her. She cannot take care of the need.

Speech writing is specialized, though it is likewise extremely lucrative. In case you like this particular type of copywriting, you will receive more business than you are able to deal with.

5. Catalog Copy

I specialized as a print catalog copywriter early on in the profession of mine. Nowadays, if I were enthusiastic about the field, I would be checking out writing copy for internet stores.

Check out web shops yourself. You will see that the majority of the copy is either copied out of the manufacturers’ advertising materials, or is totally uninspired.

Writing catalog copy is yet another service you are able to offer to the clients of yours.

Thus, there you’ve it. Five services you are able to offer to the clients of yours. Spread the Amazon publishing wings of yours. Offer the best amazon copywriter services, and you won’t just make more cash, but you will be also helping the clients of yours.