10 Copywriting (and Blogging) Revenue Streams

Freelance marketing and copywriting becomes a completely different game when you intend to make a living from your work.

I mean a salary that replaces or comes close to your market value in the real world – so you can do big girl things like pay bills, make investments, and splurge on a $25 pedicure now and then.

A colleague is considering a transition into copywriting a personal blog as a revenue stream. These are a few of her options (most blogging revenue requires you to combine a few income streams):

1. Advertising / Ads on the Site

Ok, so this one is a, “Duh,” so I won’t dig in beyond an honorable mention. Basically, companies pay you to put their ads on your site.

How do they earn blogging revenue? From what I understand, the amount of traffic that visits a site is what allows bloggers to set rates for their advertisements.

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1. Close-p EWC
2. EURO- and legal speak
3. Acronyms & Abbreviations

Close-up EWC


First meeting of 24 delegates from 19 countries: 1977 in Berlin.
First Statutes adopted in 1985, most recently modified in 2001.
A President was elected for the first time in 1989; first election of a Board and designation of a General Secretary in 1991.
Associate membership of IFRRO since 1991, member of EFAH/FEAP since 1997;
NGO status at the European Commission, WIPO, UNESCO.
Financially supported by the European Commission (DG X, Education & Culture) since 1997.
From 1977
till 2002


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