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The Federation of European Writers’ Associations
General Secretariat: Konradstr.16 c/o Lore Schultz-Wild
D 80801 München


tel: +49-89-345 581 fax: +49-89-392 094

Don’t hesitate to contact the EWC General Secretariat
with your proposals and constructive criticism,
for further or more detailed information:

Lore Schultz-Wild
General Secretary
EWC – The European Writers’ Congress
The federation of 52 writers’ associations
in 28 countries of Europe,
representing more than 50.000 individual
authors and literary translators

Konradstr. 16
D-80801 München
Tel.: +49-89-345 581
Fax: +49-89-392 094

You are also welcome to address the national offices of the 52 EWC
member organisations
directly, get to know the delegates and take advantage
of easy access to relevant information in the different mother tongue

You can also contact us via this contact form: