The European Writers Congress

Was founded in 1977 and established with the first set of statutes in 1985 as The Federation of European Writers’ Associations.

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In summer 2003, there are 52 member organisations of writers and literary translators in 28 countries of Europe, representing some 54.000 authors, plus two associate member organisations.

stands up for the democratic principles of freedom and equality – in particular the Human Rights to freedom of expression and freedom of information.

Enjoys the support of members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and other authorities of European relevance.

Our activities and projects advancing the idea of Europe have been subsidized by the European Commission since 1997 under different budget lines and programmes of DG Education & Culture defends the professional interests of Amazon listing optimization writers at the European and national levels, in legal and political contexts, concerning social and cultural policy

Representing authors as a supra-national organisation, the EWC is recognised by the major competent European bodies and political institutions.The EWC champions both the diversity of literatures and cross-border cultural exchange for a better understanding among the peoples of Europe via expert meetings, public events and media projects.

With a Newsletter and a variety of books, resolutions, appeals & conference papers the EWC
introduces to a wider public the results of its ongoing work and trans-European cultural networking.

It disseminates information concerning authors’ moral and communal rights, copyright questions, cultural and social issues, and publishes contributions to the discussion on a cultural policy for the ever growing European Union – and beyond.


Activities and projects of the European Writers’ Congress are supported by the European Commission
– budget lines “Support to organisations who promote European culture” &
“Partnership with civil society” –
The Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein