Lilac Pashmina Wrap and Her Accomplices What Colours Match Her the Best

Are you tired of being the same old person, dressing in the mundane styles?

Well, this year, you can turn into the high-fashion divas too! How?

Using any lilac pashmina!

Juxtaposing the calmness of blue and the titillating red, lilac embodies potency & power. A mystifying shade depicting many emotions, lilac on a regal pashmina wrap can give it an aesthetic appeal that can transform anyone into an ethereal beauty.

Lilac Pashmina Wrap

However, specific hues befriend lilac more than others. Want a glimpse?

Well, read on to find out the best color combinations to match with the feminine lilac pashmina wrap –

Dignified plum:

Berry or Plum is just a reddish version of purple eluding an air of classy elegance. Loved by fashionistas and models alike, if you possess an outfit like the Infinity Plum Knee Length Dress, match it up with any lilac pashmina wrap to create an air of elegance.

Wear this ensemble at any social event and stun everyone with your style sense!

The lustrous mauve:

The shade of lavender reflecting warmth, pairing mauve on lilac is ideal for mass or family gatherings. Echo a gracious aura and play the role of a high fashion lady altogether suing any lavender pashmina wrap & V by Very Lace Trim Shoulder Midi Dress.

Just be grey:

Are you ready to get unconventional? Grey and mauve is one rare combination of an attire that can either stun or scare. So, use the correct makeup techniques and pair mauve off shoulder outfit with any lilac pashmina wrap to amaze.

Wear this to a mass gathering or for Christmas dinners to complement ambience and attire both.

Regal blue:

Regal blue shades are in fashion and never disappoint. What’s more, a cobalt or royal blue attire like the V by Very Lace Skater Dress is a first-rate choice to pair with any lilac wrap.

Style the shawl like basic wrap up and go for events like college orientation and lectures.

On this note, here are few authentic ideas to style your lilac shawl for any event –

  • The infinity wrap: Take the cashmere and fold it over your neck to make an eight like an infinity symbol. Tuck or pin the loose ends inside your scarf to radiate a cool chic vibe. Pair this with a sun-dress or jeans and go confident.
  • A poncho: Want a Boho look? On your A-line dress, drape the scarf and secure with a belt. Garb up with signature boots and matching loopy ear-rings and you’re done!
  • Sarong style: Care to take the lilac pashmina wrap to the beach? Well, pair a black or yellow swim-suit and turn eyes by draping your cashmere over your bikini bottoms like a sarong.
  • Double loop: Casual college day? Go for white top & blue jeans with a mauve cashmere shawl. Loop it over your shoulder, take one end and pull it over the loop twice.

See! Easy-breezy & stylish, so hurry! Go try the above looks with your lilac cashmere now and become the everyday fashion diva.