The Newsletter/Bulletin d’information is published three times per year or more often, as required,
informing about trends and development concerning the EWC’s main issues,
results of special activities, resolutions, position papers and future projects.
The full text is available in .pdf format for print-out or reading on screen.


* The main EWC papers, resolutions and appeals
are available in section Issues & Resolutions
and/ or are included in the Newsletters.

* The Handbook of the EWC
in an English, a French & a German language edition
Authors Rights – Les droits des auteurs – Die Rechte der Autoren
has been published under ISSN 1560-4217, The European Writer.

* A number of special EWC conferences have been documented as well:
The lesser used languages of Europe and their literatures
Luxembourg 1992
Culture & Rights – Culture & droits – Cultura i drets – Cultura y derechos
Barcelona 1995
Writers, Books and Reading after five Years of Market Economy
Budapest 1996
Authors’ Rights and their Management in the Information Society
Dublin 1996
Authors Rights and their Management in Europe
Strasbourg 2000
Mare Nostrum I & II – The Mediterranean Forum of the EWC
Delphi 1999 & Barcelona 2001