The EWC is legally represented by the Board: the president and two vice presidents (constituting the Managing Board) plus four additional regular members.
These professional writers, all acting in an honorary capacity, have been elected most recently in 2003 by the delegates of the member organisations on the occasion of the XVIII European Writers’ Congress.
According to the Statutes, the Congresses convene at least biennially, discuss and adopt the activity reports
and generally outline the EWC’s policy.

The duty of running the day to day business has been assigned to the General Secretary in close contact with the members of the Board (living in seven different countries of Europe). The size and scope of this continuous work in co-operation with a number of Allies & Partners is also depending on the financial resources: These are scarce, as with all independent cultural organisations.

The EWC is funded by the annual membership fees and very few donations;
also financial support of different projects has been received via occasional public grants.
The EWC’s ongoing activities have been subsidised by the European Commission (DG X / Education and Culture) since 1997 under various programmes.

The European Writers’ Congress has been established as a GbR under German Law.
Further information may be found under FAQ or by contacting the General Secretariat.